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UXMad is a one track conference with twenty-one sessions featuring speakers from near and far. The conference will showcase to locals the assets of the UX community and allow visitors to Madison a chance to experience one of the best, brainiest, and least expensive places in the US to live and work. And cheese.


Michael Parenteau

Michael is an artist & designer at Relevance in Durham, NC. While he does lots of things for software, he believes that all of this is more about people and real problem solving rather than materials and code. He believes that all people are creative beings and that part of the fun in life is discovering our creativity. When he is not sitting in front of a computer or painting/drawing in his shed in the woods, he can usually be found laughing hysterically at the space behind his eyeballs… or bacon. He has a beautiful wife and daughter and is a very lucky man. One day he will visit Alaska and will kill two birds with one magic bouncy ball.

Andrew Maier

Andrew Maier designs interactions and user experiences for a variety of clients, having formerly worked at Hashrocket, a world-class web application consultancy. He lives to write, speak, and teach about design and its intersection with the internet. When he’s not crazy busy, Andrew likes singing, practicing yoga, and drinking strong coffee.

Jeanne Carpenter

Jeanne Carpenter is a cheese geek, but she didn’t start out that way. Raised on Velveeta on a family farm in Wisconsin, after college she worked as a journalist, a corporate project manager, and finally as a communications specialist for state government. In 2007, she started her own public relations company to promote artisan cheese. In 2009, Jeanne launched Wisconsin Cheese Originals, a member-based organization dedicated to discovering, tasting, and learning more about Wisconsin artisan cheeses through a myriad of events, including an annual Wisconsin Original Cheese Festival in November. She is also the author of Cheese Underground, giving cheese-starved readers everywhere the inside scoop on America’s Dairyland since 2006.

Dale Sande

Dale began his career as a print designer. Seeing the possibilities before him, he started to design for the web in the mid 90s. Self taught, he began developing websites and in early 2001 and was a founding member of an Enterprise CMS start-up as lead-designer and UIE. Dale is currently working for Getty Images as a UIE and Presentation Layer Developer with .NET and Ruby teams.




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Rosenfeld Media

Rosenfeld Media publishes short, practical, and useful books and webinars on user experience design. Our products explain the design and research methods that web professionals need to make informed design decisions.